Practice with great music

Pieta Brown and Bo Ramsey
Nikon D200, Sigma 150mm/F2.8

Dubuque has always some music events going on during the summer. Good ones and not so good ones. This was definitely one of the best I have seen lately. Iowa born artist Pieta Brown and Bo Ramsey, a well known guitar player from Iowa, had a wonderful performance.

I have to admit, my skills for snapping pictures of people are not very well developed but public concerts like this one are a good chance to work on improvement. The concert took place downtown Dubuque in bright afternoon sun, with a cloud here and there, and I knew already on site that I wanted the image in B&W.

I shot relative wide open (1/500s, f4.5) because I wanted the artists being separated from the background as much as possible. There was even more clutter in the background of the original picture but I used the clone stamp in Photoshop to get rid of it. I focussed on Pieta's face but of course, with the low DOF the arm and guitar of Bo Ramsey are partly out of focus. I still like the picture. I believe it reflects somehow how good these two artists played together. Let me know what you think.