Great Sand Dunes National Park, Colorado • Photo courtesy of Joan Exner


I enjoy photography as a form of art and craft. Spending time in the great outdoors, watching wildlife, or enjoying nature with all its details has always been part of my life. The places of nature and the wildlife living in them are very vulnerable in our world of permanent economical expansion and exploitation of the natural resources. I have the hope that my photos can help to create awareness about the fact that wildlife and its habitats need our utmost attention. I believe it is worthwhile conserving the beauty of a landscape or saving the life of a critter, to let our children and grandchildren have the same joyful experience when they go out into nature.

Beside that, my blog is about sharing photography knowledge, sharing shooting locations, and wildlife encounters. Please let me know if you find something here you can agree or disagree with. Your input is always welcome.

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  • Andreas focuses on wildlife and landscape photography, especially in the wetlands and woods along the Upper Mississippi River

  • Born in Bautzen, Germany

  • Lives near the Mississippi Valley, north of Dubuque, Iowa, USA, since 2004

  • Andreas is a Mechanical Engineer and works as Equipment Consultant and Sales Manager in the Graphic Industry.

  • Member of the Audubon Society

  • Member of the Dubuque Camera Club


Sandhill Cranes