Showing me the tongue

Doe 1  

I drove half way across Iowa today to meet with a customer and was surprised how little snow was on the ground in the central part of the state. Here in the woods along the Mississippi we still have plenty of snow to make life difficult for many animals that live here during the winter. The White-tailed Deer have a hard time to find enough food and they come right up to the homes here in our neighborhood.

Unfortunately this happens mostly in the dusk, after 4PM, when the light is not very flattering, but I try it anyway to make a click or two. I do not have "the shot" yet. I'm happy if an image is sharp, despite long exposure times. Nevertheless, it does not satisfy me if the background has flaws, like in these pictures where a tree grows out of the head of the deer. The doe seems to tell me with her tongue, Na-na-na-na-na-na....(like the gesture with the middle finger sticking up in the air...), but hey, one of these days I hope to get sharpness and background right!


Doe 2