At the "Woodpecker tree"

Red-bellied Woodpecker  

I believe today was the first day in almost a week that we saw the sun coming out. The days are already a little longer and the time after 4PM bears potential for some good light. You might be tired seeing woodpeckers and nuthatches here in the blog but I experiment with a new "Woodpecker tree" at the moment and like to share my first results. This Red-bellied Woodpecker is a real beauty and making the click is a "must" if the light is right. They are very shy and a fast move  will drive them away immediately.


Downy Woodpecker


The Downy Woodpecker is much easier to get. I wrote a couple weeks ago that we have about six here in our neighborhood and they usually tolerate my presence much better. They are a great subject to hone your shooting skills, except when they hang on a suet feeder and try to knock something loose and eat. With other words, motion blur is the main reason for putting an image into the trash can. Light was lovely and this female seemed almost to pose for me.