2012 - Looking back, part 2

Bald Eagle in flight

The year comes rapidly to an end. Time to browse through this year's photo library in order to clean up, learn from all the mistakes made, and maybe to discover still some images that are worth to be shown in public. Photos are memories and it is always nice to remember the good and great moments in life. For me this is very often the time I spend behind the camera and in the great outdoors. I invite you to follow me through the year again and share some good photography moments.

The time from January through March is always the best time for shooting the magnificent Bald Eagles. They gather in big numbers near the open water at the locks and dams of the river if the Mississippi is frozen over. The mild winter in 2012 made it very pleasent to go out and look for the eagles. I got my best pictures on sunny days during the late afternoon, when the light was warm and not so harsh. However, I went out even on days with a gray overcast. I knew I would not always come home with a good picture, but I liked to study the behavior of the eagles and to predict their movements while hunting for fish. I believe it is simple, if you can handle tracking the bird in flight and keeping it in focus on a day with bad light, it is much easier to get the good shots on those days when the light is just right. We don't know yet how cold this winter will become, but I can't wait to look into a Bald Eagle's eye again...