2012 - Looking back, part 1

The year comes rapidly to an end. Time to browse through this year's photo library in order to clean up, learn from all the mistakes made, and maybe to discover still some images that are worth to be shown in public. Photos are memories and it is always nice to remember the good and great moments in life. For me this is very often the time I spend behind the camera and in the great outdoors. I invite you to follow me through the year again and share some good photography moments.

Hairy Woodpecker in a snow storm


The last winter was the mildest one I have seen here in Iowa yet. This picture of a Hairy Woodpecker in a snowstorm was made January 20, 2012, and was really not typical for this year. For a photo like this we don't have to go very far. The birds come in big numbers to the feeders we have placed around the house. Exposure times between 1/90s and 1/30s make the dynamic of the drifting snow visible and the white stuff on the ground works like a giant reflector and throws some light from underneath.


Dark-eyed Junco


The Dark-eyed Juncos are not always easy to photograph. Their eyes often blend into their dark heads and in a high contrast scene you hardly can see them. This was no problem in the low light situation of this snowstorm.

More to come, stay tuned...