Flood in Dubuque County

Durango, Iowa
Little Maquoketa River in Durango, Iowa

My blog has never been as actual as at this moment. What you see here is still going on while I'm writing this. We had heavy thunderstorms with a lot of rain all night long rolling over Dubuque County. As a result the Little Maquoketa River and probably all other creeks and rivers around are flooded. That puts us on an island since all roads to Dubuque are blocked. I feel bad for the farmers down in the valley. Their crops are just washed away or drowned. The Heritage trail, a very nice recreation trail in the valley, will probably be damaged again as we have already seen it two years ago. Stay tuned...

Clay Hill road
At the bridge on Clay Hill road


Hwy 52
Highway 52 between Sageville and Durango, Iowa


Little Maquoketa River
Little Maquoketa River near Durango, Iowa