Flood in Dubuque County - part 2

Durango 11:11AM
Durango, IA 11:11AM, A layer of mud covers the highway


Heritage trail and fields were still flooded
Heritage trail and surrounding fields were still flooded

A few more pictures from yesterday's flood. The images from yesterday were made between 8:30 and 8:50AM. At 11:11AM the water level was already lower and left the Highway covered with a layer of slick mud. The Heritage trail and the surrounding fields were still under water. It was raining again and there were concerns about more water.

Durango, IA 4:42PM
Durango, IA at 4:42PM

At 4:42PM the water had retreated for the most part to the river bed but was still flowing with high speed. The rain had stopped and the people in Durango were already cleaning up the mess.