Nature clicks #223 - Indigo Bunting

Indigo Bunting  

It took me a long way from my first photo of an Indigo Bunting in 2005 (with a point and shoot camera at that time) to the one I can show you today. Blue is my favorite color, no wonder that this little finch with its brilliant, almost iridescent, blue plumage was on my personal "most wanted list". We see them usually here in May but unlike other birds they don’t tolerate our presence very well, and so I have many bird feeder shots or pictures that show the bunting in the grass and far away from my lens. I was sitting on the ground aiming for some hummingbirds in the bushes when this beautiful Indigo Bunting landed on one of the perch sticks that we installed. The woods and grassy slope in the back make for a dark background but they are far enough to give a decent bokeh that lets the bird stand out from its surroundings. I hope you enjoy.