A little more from Germany


Things were not in my favor  this week regarding any of my ongoing photography projects. Lack of time because of other things that came across was the main reason. I hope you don’t mind that I show you a couple more images from the recent hiking tour with my son André in the mountains of Saxon Switzerland over in Germany.

The view goes from the sand stone rocks of the “Rauensteine” over to the “Lilienstein”, one of the big buttes of the National Park region. The Elbe River cuts deep  into the sand stone and its water created a horseshoe shaped bend around the Lilienstein.

Elbe Valley


Finally, as we came back into the Elbe Valley some great light touched the rock formation of the Bastei again. Needless to say that a hiking tour in this region does not end without some great food and beer in one of the numerous restaurants or country pubs… ;-)