Fine Art Gallery - "Sea Pride"

Sea Pride  

I knew immediately when we saw the “Sea Pride” sitting on the beach of Mackerel Cove, a bay on Bailey Island in Maine, that this was maybe a good image for Black & White. I made a few clicks but the clouds didn’t cooperate and were just a gray soup in the background. But the wind moved them around after a while and suddenly they opened up and let the blue sky shine through. This makes for a much more dramatic shot. I love the lines of this lobster boat and the image leaves room for speculation about the story why this boat was on the beach at the end of the bay and not in the water.

This might be my last post for a while. Tomorrow morning I’m flying to Germany for a family event and some business as well. I might be able to make some clicks but I’m not so sure about if there will be time to write a blog post… I’ll try, so please stay tuned! :-)