Light in the tide pools

Tide pools 1  

We were extremely blessed with the weather during our trip to Maine. It was very mild the whole time and most days there wasn't a single cloud in the sky. As you know, we photographers don't really like this, because a plain blue sky during the day provides less chances to make dramatic images that tell a story. But it wasn't a hopeless case. There are ways to find light if we keep our eyes open.

Tide pools 2


The constellation of the moon made sure that we had low tide in the morning. This can make sometimes for a not so pleasant foreground but it also allows to go closer to the water and leaves tide pools between and on the rocks along the shore. And this is where you can make the click. If no wind ripples the water you can enter a world of colors and interesting subjects below the water surface. Beside all kinds of shells, colorful stones, seaweed, and the occasional crab can be found. If you can keep reflections out of the frame you have your image that tells the story about the life and beauty in these tide pools.

Tide pools 3