Stop at Niagara Falls

American Falls  

My German photography friend Maren guessed it right already, our next stop on the way to Maine was Niagara Falls. We are really not big fans of going to places with a lot of tourists but it wasn't as bad as we thought it would be. The main vacation season is over and the falls were not so crowded with people as we expected.

If something had really impressed me there, it was the vast amount of water that shoots down Niagara Falls every second. Beside all the touristy stuff, Niagara Falls is still an impressive place that shows the beauty and the forces of nature.

The falls have been photographed many million times and there was not much to add from my side. We went there late morning, which is not the best time for landscape photography anyway, but some clouds made at least for interesting backgrounds and a constant change of light.

We are enjoying the coast of Maine since three days already and if time and internet availability allow, I will post here again soon. Please stay tuned for more...

Horseshoe Falls