Nature clicks #170 - Common Yellowthroat

Common Yellowthroat  

The books say this is one of the most numerous and widespread warblers in North America. For me it was the first sighting of it during a six hour bird watching and photography "session" in the Green Island Wetlands last weekend. I was actually in position for some other birds (I will post about them shortly ;-)  ) when both, the male and female Common Yellowthroat showed up right in front of me. It was very windy and my photos of the female bird didn't turn out sharp and even this one of the male is at the edge of quality acceptance. Being in my car and using it as a blind was definitely  a necessity to make the click but at the same time it prevented me to move in closer for better focus and closer distance.

This warbler usually stays closer to the ground but conceals in vegetation. The Common Yellowthroat is found all over the United States and most of Canada during the summer. They live in marches, near streams, and in swamps and they are vulnerable to loss of habitat due to wetland drainage.