Celebrities and busy people

  John Mellencamp 1


The advantage of being in the backstage area at an event like yesterday's campaign rally of President Obama in Dubuque, Iowa is the fact that the chance for a photo of one of the celebrities that supported the campaign increases exponentially.


Kate Walsh


I made a few clicks of TV actress Kate Walsh, who spoke at the rally. To be honest, I didn't know much about her until yesterday but for someone like me, who doesn't watch much TV, this comes at no surprise. However, she was well received by many people in the audience.


John Mellencamp 2


Better known to me is musician John Mellencamp, who played a few songs with his band before the President arrived. Great music, well played!


Jay Carney, David Axelrod, Dubuque, August 2012


Probably some of the busiest men on the planet at the moment are Barack Obama's Campaign Manager David Axelrod and Press Secretary Jay Carney. I made a few clicks of Axelrod but didn't like the  results this time. The photo here is from August 2012. It shows both men during Barack Obama's speech at the old Star Brewery in Dubuque. I have no idea who the gentleman on the right hand side is that grinned into my camera. OK, if I don't know a person it doesn't mean it isn't a celebrity, who knows... ;-)