I haven’t done a “Gear Talk” since a while and today I like to give you some thoughts about a piece of equipment that is in my possession since August 2016 and has been tested and used in many situations and all kinds of weather. The Moose Peterson backpack MP-3 V.2 is made by MindShift Gear ® and I want to tell you upfront, there is nothing about this great backpack what I dislike. This water resistant pack is well made and is mainly designed for wildlife and outdoor photographers. After 18 months of using it I can tell that MindShift’s partnership with renowned wildlife photographer Moose Peterson has led to a product that provides excellent protection for the gear from water, snow, dust, sand, and physical impact. Here are the features that I really like:

  • 3 compartments with easy and quick access. The big one holds the Sigma 150-600 with camera attached. All the gear you see in the photo above will fit into the MP-3 V.2 backpack.
  • Auto-close compartment flaps (“Moose Ears”) protect the interior from water, dust, and snow even if the zippers are not closed.
  • Handles on top and on the side.
  • Harness system that can be tucked-away, very practical while traveling by airplane or car.
  • Removable waist belt for shoulder relief during a longer hiking tour.
  • Rain cover included.
  • Large, robust zippers that can be opened and closed with gloves on.
  • Interior divider system allows for many configurations and that can fit a lot of different workflow styles.
  • Top pocket with zipper for easy access to memory cards, business cards, etc.
  • Stretchable pocket for water bottle on the side.
  • Mounting system for tripod.

Moose Peterson MP-3 V.2 fits in the overhead compartment of a regional jet

The Moose Peterson backpack MP-3 V.2 is sized for carry-on luggage and as you can see it fits even in the overhead compartment of a small regional jet, like the Embraer ERJ-145. The fabric and material is very robust and takes a lot of abuse. After using mine during the last year and a half it still looks like new, although it has been in contact with rain, mud, dust, and snow many times. Nevertheless, cleaning is mandatory after a “dirty shoot”, at least for me.

There are two other versions of this backpack available from MindShift Gear ®. The slightly longer MP-1 V.2 holds the camera with an 800 mm lens attached in the big compartment. The shorter MP-7 V.2 is long enough for a camera body with a big 200 mm lens.

Padded shoulder straps that can be tucked-away (great when going through security at the airport)


After going through two different cheaper packs over the years I found finally a backpack that I really love and that hasn’t disappointed a single time during heavy use in all kinds of weather. I can recommend the MP-3 V.2 for everybody who moves around in the great outdoors and wants quick access to camera gear and accessories and for everybody who needs to travel by airplane or car and wants upmost protection for their gear in extreme weather situations and harsh environments.

If my little article has triggered your interest you can find more technical details and pricing HERE.