Brown Creeper, Little Maquoketa River Valley, Iowa

I have shown you the Brown Creeper before here in my blog but I still have room for improvement for my photos with this little tree climbing bird. This morning I watched him going up the big maple right in front of the house several times in a row. There must have been an abundance of good breakfast snacks for the creeper. Usually they spiral up on a tree trunk in search for little insects and then fly to the bottom of the next tree. Not so today. I watched the Brown Creeper five times going up our maple tree but it climbed always a different route. They move quite fast and it took me some time to nail down some sharp shots. It is always amazing how well they blend into their environment. The photo shows how the Brown Creeper uses its stiff tail for support while climbing. Can you tell that I love this little bird? I’m so glad we see them here in our woods.