Male House Wren

Sometimes time and the circumstances in our lives don’t allow to go the extra nine yards to make the next great image. Over the years I learned that for these situations it helps to know the local resources, work with well known subjects, and still be able to produce some interesting pictures.

At this time of the year the female House Wrens sit on their second clutch of eggs in one of our nest boxes and the males support and protect them from any kind of intruders. I have made many pictures of the little wrens over the years, so what can I still aim for? It is the gestures that never repeat one to one and that make the difference between the bird just sitting on a perch and a more interesting pose. So, here is the male, preening its feathers and guarding the nest. As soon the offspring is hatched the parents will be busy feeding the young House Wrens, and this is another good time to make a few clicks with very little efforts, even if the available shooting time is very limited…