Bolsa Chica Ecological Reserve, Huntington Beach, California ---------

I was asked if there were any other critters in the Bolsa Chica Ecological Reserve beside birds. The answer is yes, although I only saw this nice looking fence lizard in one of the bushes near the border of the reserve. Just minutes later another local photographer showed me a picture of a coyote he just had seen. The same friendly guy reminded me to watch where I go in order not to come close to a rattlesnake. Two species of this venomous snake can be found around the wetlands. Unfortunately I didn’t see any. I also didn’t see any rabbits, cottontails, mice, ground squirrels, bob cats, sharks, or any other kind of lizards. Fish were jumping and I saw for the first time a ray at the bottom of the laguna. The ecological reserve is full of life but one day is just not enough time to explore all of it. I’m nevertheless happy with my image of the Western Fence Lizard. The blue patch at its throat indicates that this is probably a male.