Black-capped Chickadee

I can’t mention enough how important our “front and backyard studio” is for my almost daily practice of wildlife photography. Sure, I have met other photographers that would never aim their glass on a bird that flies in for a feeder, with other words, one that has been “baited”. I highly respect their ethic standpoint as long as they stick with it, but I think they may miss a great chance to study the wildlife and to practice their skills, especially if time is limited because of work or other commitments.

Many birds fly first to a bush or nearby tree before they enter the actual bird feeder. It also serves them as a first refuge if some danger comes up or if they are just scared by a noise or sudden movement. Placing your bird feeders next to a brush or shrub can make a big difference how often your feeders are visited by our feathered friends. If you plan to set up a feeder sometime, give it a thought, plant a bush or tree nearby or use the proximity of an already existing one. The birds will make their visits more frequently and the fun you have will at least double…😉