It may not have been the right day, and definitely not the right time, to make the photos of the Sabula-Savannah Bridge that crosses the Mississippi River. No cloud in the sky and kind of a glare from the sun on everything is usually not what triggers my desire to shoot landscapes or architecture. But I heard on the radio, and later read an article on the web, that this 1932 built structure will be replaced with a new bridge,. Construction is supposed to start this summer and that’s why I made the shots while I was in the area anyway.

Shooting from the Iowa side of the bridge is only possible at the end of the causeway, where the bridge begins, because you can’t stop the car anywhere else. At least light was in my favor to render the blue color properly.

On the Illinois side it was easier to find different perspectives (and a safe parking spot ;-)  ), but shooting against the harsh early afternoon sun, well, not such a good idea. While I made the pictures I didn’t really think about black & white but later at home, in front of the computer, it appealed to me.

My engineering background makes me appreciate old steel structures probably a little more than most people. It is a pity that this old bridge has to go and different opinions about are discussed on the web. Our photographs can at least help to keep the memories about this part of the cultural heritage alive. I think we have a commitment to make the click…