Click ont he photo for larger view!

Joan didn’t have to work this evening and we were able to see today the young Great Horned Owl together at Mud Lake. The owlet sat in a different tree , much easier to spot than yesterday evening. Overall the light wasn’t really bad for anything today, but it was a different quality and the photo I show you would not have been the same. 

Last night, when I walked back to the car, with the tripod over my shoulder and a big smile on my face (see yesterday’s post if you don’t know why… :-)   ), I saw these backlit trees on the other side of Mud Lake Park. The house in the background, hit by the light of the setting sun, I just had to make the click. Well, I still had the Sigma 50-500 on camera, and even if this is not a perfect lens for landscape shots, but by zooming in to 230 mm I got what I saw in this picture. Spring is just a wonderful time…!! :-)