Art outside

Nikon D200, SIGMA 10-20 mm, f/4.0-5.6 @ 10mm



The Dubuque Museum of Art here in Eastern Iowa has currently some very interesting artwork on view outside of the museum. Seward Johnson's 25 foot sculpture GOD BLESS AMERICA is inspired by the figures of Grant Wood's painting "American Gothic". A picture of this sculpture in a recent post of Dave Updegraff's blog, another photographer here in the Dubuque area, reminded me that I wanted to shoot this piece of art since I saw it the first time a little while ago. When I went there today, we had a nice thin layer of clouds covering up the sun. This made for really good, slightly diffused light and a gave a perfect background for this photo. I took only the SIGMA 10-20 mm out of my car and after a few minutes of shooting I had what I was looking for.