Worldwide Photo Walk 2010

That was fun! July 24th I was able to participate at the Worldwide Photo Walk in Dubuque, Iowa. According to the official website 33497 photographers in 1111 locations worldwide participated in this event. We walked for about two hours through downtown Dubuque, stopped at the Farmer's market, and everybody was shooting pictures like crazy. I can tell you, a late morning on a hazy Iowa summer day is not the best time to go out and shoot, but I have really enjoyed watching other people's approach to master the challenge. Not everybody posted their pictures but some of the results can be seen by following the link below.

Because of the hazy weather, with bright sun and without any remarkable clouds in the sky, I decided to keep the sky out of the frame. I tried to focus on details that I saw during the walk. Some of the pictures were taken with B&W in mind already.  For some others I applied a split tone to give them an antique touch.

Beside looking for the best light and shooting angle it was really interesting to walk and talk with other photographers. The exchange of ideas, opinions, and thoughts continued afterwards during a common lunch. Thanks to Dave Updegraff, who did a great job leading and organizing the Photo Walk 2010 in Dubuque.

Click HERE for the Dubuque Photo Walk website.

All images: Nikon D200, Carl Zeiss Distagon T* 35/f2 ZF