Colorado landscapes: Maroon Creek

Maroon Creek  

It is sometimes easy to get carried away by the great views the Rocky Mountains have to offer. Nevertheless it is always worth to have the eyes on the ground and search for the smaller spots that can make for a good photo. This is in particular true when clouds hide the “classic views” most people are looking for. Maroon Creek, just below Maroon Lake, has a lot of interesting places that are often ignored by visitors but that are just great during these days with heavy overcast.

I learned over time to approach scenes like this with some deliberation and some time at hands. In the past I have rushed through quite often in similar situations and later at home, in front of the computer, much time was spent to correct the perspective by cropping the image and by removing unwanted branches and sticks that stuck into the frame from all sides. Don’t take me wrong, I still do small cosmetic corrections on my landscape photos, like “border police” around the edges, but I reach my goal to do it right in camera a lot more often with this slower approach.