Colorado landscapes: Mesa Verde - Beyond the historical importance

Mesa Verde  

I think I have not recognized Mesa Verde beyond the fact of its historical importance in my last couple blog posts. I have talked about harsh light during the day, but as soon the sun is near the horizon it is not so difficult to reveal the beauty of this landscape.

If I have the camera on a tripod and all time in the world at my hands, I shoot more than one image of a scene that unfolds in front of me. Most of the photos that evening were much more zoomed in. I just applied the “less is more rule” because my subject was the sunlit rocks. While writing this post, and at the same time making my choice for the image that will be published with it, I recognized that none of the closer views, without the mountains in the background, tells the story about the location of Mesa Verde to those folks that have never been here. So here is my choice for today…