Nature clicks #244 - Eastern Tiger Swallowtail

Male Eastern Tiger Swallowtails  

Although we have swallowtail butterflies in considerable numbers here in our neck of the woods since quite a few weeks, it’s getting more difficult to make a decent photo of one of them. No, it’s not the light, which can be quite harsh in early August sometime, but they just look frayed towards the end of their life span. The photos I show you today are already a few days old and the butterflies still appeared in their full beauty.


Black female Eastern Swallowtail


You may look at the images and think, these are two different species, but they are all Eastern Tiger Swallowtails. While the males are always yellow, the females can be either yellow or black. I have not seen a black female very often but it seems this year one is paying us a visit every day.

Thank you for stopping here in the blog. I wish all of you a wonderful summer week!

Tiger Swallowtail