Last dinner at home

Second brood 1  

My instinct told me yesterday, take some pictures of the House Wrens, who were feeding their second brood this summer, because the young birds may leave the nest within the next few days. I’m glad I did, since it happened much faster than I thought. Early this morning I heard the parent birds calling the offspring out of the nest. At 7:30AM it was empty. Later during the day I heard them still chatter in the bushes around here and the parents do of course still feed them.

Second brood 2


There is no other bird I have studied and photographed more than the little House Wrens during the last years. They raise the first brood every year in one of the bird boxes in the flower bed in front of our house. For the second one they prefer a hollow gourd that hangs from our porch.

There were at least two young wrens in the gourd, and boy, they were hungry. The little guys were calling for more food all day long and the parents of course delivered…

It will be quiet from now on in the morning for the rest of the summer. But when the snow starts falling later in the year we begin dreaming about the first signs of spring. The arrival and chatter of our House Wrens is definitely one of them…