Rewarded patience

Yellow Warbler  

I haven’t been out shooting for the last two days. A busy work schedule and another, not photography related project needed to be finished. At least there are a lot of things left from the last three weeks that I can post.

The big wave of warblers that came through here during there migration is history but some of the warblers stay here in Iowa during the summer. The Yellow Warbler is one of the most widespread warblers in North America during the summer, which does not really mean you can find it at every other corner. However, last weekend, after making the photos of the Cliff Swallows, I spent some more time in the Little Maquoketa Valley. The public trail that follows the valley was an old railroad track and is now used for all kinds of recreation activities. Having mostly private land on both sides, that is usually zoned by a barbed wire fence, doesn’t really allow to follow a bird very far, unless it stays near the trail. After spotting two Yellow Warblers a couple times at the same location I simply put the tripod legs in the ground and waited for another opportunity. Finally my patience was rewarded. The fence prevented to get closer but I believe this environmental portrait of the warbler tells the story about the lush growth that takes over the bird’s summer habitat.