Iowa landscape: Loess Hills

In the Loess Hills 1  

I’m almost sure you like to see something different than little birds and I’m absolutely OK with that. Mother’s Day weekend we went to Cherokee in northwest Iowa to visit Joan’s parents. A little further west, right along the Iowa border, is an interesting landscape, the Loess Hills. I don’t need to repeat what other knowledgable people already have written down about the hills. You know how to use a search engine in your browser and here is a link that tells you everything about the Loess Hills (Click HERE)


In the Loess Hills 2


I have been there once before and always wanted to come back to try some bird photography in spring. Well, this year I thought it’s time to do it, but it was very, very windy that Saturday and so I really didn’t have much luck with getting birds in front of my lens. However, there is always something to point the lens at and this time the clouds east of the Loess Hills made for a great subject. The Loess Hills are some of the last remaining stands of prairie grass in the region and have an interesting flora and fauna. Using the lines of the landscape was the key for both photos. A lot has changed since the white men has stolen the land from the Indians but including some prairie grass and the clouds in the photo may give us a sense about how the Native Americans and early European settlers may have seen the scene before all the changes took place (although the Red Cedar in the second photo is not native to the Loess Hills.…).