Nature clicks #220 - Orchard Oriole

Orchard Oriole  

I like to interrupt my series about the warblers for another first sighting we had a few days ago at our house. For the first time we had an appearance of two Orchard Orioles. The birds showed up several times at one of our hummingbird feeders, which also has been used frequently by the many Baltimore Orioles we are lucky to see every year in May. To brake the jinx I made of course a few clicks while they were at the feeder but the goal for me is always to get a shot without it in a situation like this. I used the brief moment when the orioles landed and held on to the grape vines that grow on our balcony. They just hesitate a little before they hop onto the hummingbird feeder, to make probably sure everything is safe, but it is enough time to make the click.  I can tell you, we had three amazing weeks with the birds in May 2014 so far and I haven’t even been able to show you all of it yet… ;-)

Orchard Oriole 2