Nature clicks #214 - American Redstart

American Redstart, 1st spring  male  

I can tell you, this is going to be a “warbler week”. I continue this series with another warbler that we have seen before down in the valley but never in the woods around the house here. The first image shows a male American Redstart in its first spring. The tail with its yellow-orange patches makes it easy to identify. I wasn’t able to get that close to the male adult that you can see in the second image. I show this particular photo only for those who are interested in the biological facts, not because of the quality of this picture.

American Redstart, male adult


You can see that the younger bird from the first picture has still a long way to go before it looks like an adult, although it is pretty nice too. If I have a new species in front of my lens I take quite often lots of shots just for the purpose of identification. Even a butt shot can sometimes help to identify a bird later on screen and with the aid of books or bird guides. There is more to come, we had several more first sightings, so please stay tuned…