Nature clicks #207 - Yellow-headed Blackbird

Yellow-headed Blackbird  

Today’s photo is not going to win a contest but it is nevertheless important to me. I know only one location where to find the Yellow-headed Blackbird in Eastern Iowa, a small pond in the Green Island Wetlands. I have written before here in the blog how difficult it is to get close to these birds because their habitat, a patch of reeds and cat tails, is in the middle of a pond and most of the time they hide in the reeds. It is easy to hear them, their call is different from the abundant Red-winged Blackbird, which shares the same location. However, I’m happy to report that I saw and heard at least two males and both made a short appearance in the upper parts of last year’s cat tails.

I’m not proud of this image because it is cropped, much more than I like to admit, but I will try again. If I ever will make a good shot of this not so common bird, you will be the first one’s who will know about it… ;-)