Bald eagles in abundance

Dam #11, Dubuque, IA  

The winter struck back again with an inch of snow and temperatures below freezing but it was sunny today. The warmer weather the days before cleared the smaller rivers from ice and even the Mississippi got some open water now. It was a perfect day for Bald Eagle photography.



Lots of action at the 16th Street basin in Dubuque. I actually thought to have just a brief look at this location but I ended up spending more than three and a half hours there… :-)

I can tell you there wasn’t a dull moment during the whole time. The eagles were moving around, caught fish, missed the catch sometimes, and were fighting about the prey. I may show a few more photos during the week.

Got it!

If you look at my photo from yesterday you can see what a difference a blue sky makes for bird photography, especially with snow and ice around.