Simple clicks (still with snow and ice)

Farm house on the hill  

I went on “kestrel patrol” again this evening. I saw the bird briefly but haven’t been able to put the glass on it. Instead I made another image of this old farm house on the hill. A different angle, a different lens, some nice clouds, and you can get a totally different result from the same subject. Click HERE if you like to see the photo that I made ten days ago after a snow storm.

Frozen Mississippi

Mud Lake at the big river isn’t far from this location and so I stopped again at the owl’s nest. The adult bird was still sitting in the nest but no evidence that a young bird has hatched.

As the sun disappeared behind the ridge the other side of the Mississippi got painted with some nice and warm light. I used the SIGMA 50-500 for both landscape shots today. The second photo was made at 370 mm and I love how it compresses the scene. It looks like the railroad tracks on the other side are just a good stone throw away but the river is actually 2.3 km (~1.4 mi) wide at this point. As you can see the Mississippi is still covered with ice but we have some warmer days coming and this will change everything here.