From architecture to wedding

Nikon D200, Carl Zeiss Distagon T* 35/f2 ZF

Since I have lived in the US, my job has taken me several times to Salt Lake City in Utah, but I never found the time to see the Mormon temple or the famous Tabernacle. Last week I went to SLC again and was able to shear off some time after work was done. I learned a lot and met some very nice people there.

I was walking around, searching for interesting perspectives, when a freshly married couple got in position for their three (3!) wedding photographers. They did their thing, with the happy couple in front of the temple. I took a different position, more to the side. I liked the vertical lines from the buildings and the couple, which continued onto the water. The spectacular clouds gave the scene a dramatic look on hopefully the best day of their life together. I came to take pictures of the architecture or street life and ended up with wedding pictures. Wasn't a bad thing… ;-)