What's the subject?

The cloud  

It is hot and humid here in Eastern Iowa since a few days and because I don't like the heat it definitely slows down my desire to spend time outside. A couple evenings ago Joan made me aware of some great clouds in the sky that produced an interesting mood. Our house is completely surrounded by trees and we are usually the last ones who find out about a great sky :-( . Forget the heat, I grabbed the photo bag, we jumped in the car, and drove up to an open place with an unobstructed view over the landscape. It takes a few minutes to get there and it happened to me before that the clouds were gone before arrival on location.

OK, this is not what we saw from the house, the clouds had changed already, but it still wasn't bad. Just before the sun touched the horizon line it illuminated the higher clouds from underneath for a brief moment. I made several pictures before and some more after this moment, but this is the image that really gave my subject the look I like. You may ask, what is the subject in this photo? Is it the wooded hills in the background? Is it the hardly visible sun? Nope, they all may help to tell the story but it is clearly the cloud formation above, with the great light on it, that makes the difference for this image.