Any news about the House Wrens?

House Wren feeding  

I like to share this image with you from today. After raising successfully the first brood we can see now the wren parents feeding a second set of young ones. We can already hear the offspring quietly chirping in a hollow pumpkin body that hangs at our porch, only a few feet away from the nest box that they used for the first brood in the front yard. I think it is interesting that they have never used the same nest location a second time within one season.

I'm not a big fan of suppressing the background while using a flash light in my nature photography but I tried different settings and finally liked this one the best, despite the background is almost black. Probably because the pose of the approaching wren with food in its bill tells really the story what's going on here. Earlier this year in spring I talked about how much I enjoy waking up by the chatter of the House Wrens. I absolutely don't mind listening to this sound at least for a couple more weeks...