Simulating film

Nikon D200, Carl Zeiss Distagon T* 35/F2 ZF

Today we took a little Easter walk along the Mississippi in Dubuque, Iowa. Besides having a nice view over the river, its bridges, and the city itself, there is a good opportunity to look at some artwork. The City of Dubuque has a temporary art exhibit, Art on the River, located along the RiverWalk and in the Port of Dubuque.

One piece that particularly caught our attention is 'City mouse' by Texan artist Andrew Arvanetes. It is a big sculpture, made out of stainless steel, and according to the artist's statement it derived from recollections of a child's wind-up toy.

'City Mouse' by Andrew Arvanetes

We had a grey and cloudy sky today and so I went for a detail shot, having B&W already in mind. I like how the patina on the stainless steel surface and the soft shadows  of the sculpture's elements turned out. The 35/f2 gave the picture a nice bokeh for the background. However, I thought the image was still too close to "digital reality". I always start processing my RAW files in Adobe Lightroom. The new beta version 3.2. now has a feature that allows you to simulate film grain. I gave it a trial for the final touch and I like the outcome very much. Should do more in Black & White…