Nature clicks #174 - Double-crested Cormorant

Double-crested Cormorant  

The Double-crested Cormorant is a summer resident in the Mississippi Valley. It seems that a few may use the Green Island Wetlands as their breeding grounds. At least I see more of them than during the years before. That doesn't mean it is easy to make a photo of this bird. Quite often they take off as soon they see something approaching, like a car, and many times they were gone even before I came in a reasonable distance for a picture. The grass beside the gravel roads that go through the wetlands is very tall at the moment and maybe this helped to camouflage my approach this time. I was able to make a few clicks while the cormorant was still swimming but it finally took off. At most places in the wetlands you have to shoot from slightly above the water level and if the sky puts nasty reflections on the water the pictures do not look very flattering. Here I was lucky that the cormorant had just entered an area without reflections of the sky.