Nature clicks #160 - Baltimore Oriole

Baltimore Oriole, female  

One of the most beautiful birds that we can see here every spring and summer is the Baltimore Oriole. They spent the winter in Florida and southern Atlantic coast. Some are also found in Mexico and southern Texas. They feed primarily on caterpillars, beetles, bugs, and other insects but also like fruits and flower nectar. Not all the food is available shortly after their arrival here, which is always around May 1, and so the Baltimore Orioles are often seen drinking nectar at the hummingbird feeders. We also provide oranges that we cut in half and stick on a nail. It doesn't take them very long to empty the juicy and sweet content. Later during the summer they will not eat from the feeders anymore and the orioles are mostly found in the upper parts of the trees. RightTheir song is a flutelike series of whistled notes and listening to it puts always a smile in our faces...


Baltimore Oriole, male