Nature clicks #159 - House Wren

House Wren  

Here in Iowa, where the winter can be long and cold, we all like to talk about the signs of spring and summer, even if it is nearly the same procedure every year. Beside the call of the Sandhill Cranes there is no better sign for me than the chatter of a male House Wren in the early morning right beside our window. Immediately after their arrival from the South they start building nests from twigs in cavities and nest boxes and try to attract the females by their flutelike melody. I built a couple new nest boxes this winter because the old ones were falling apart. The wren didn't hesitate a second before taking possession of the new housing a week ago.

I like to photograph birds on overcast days. The light may not always be sufficient for a fast shutter speed, which can be a problem to freeze the action of the bird,  but its quality beats direct sunlight by far. Because of the fast movement of its bill the head of the wren is quite often blurry. It takes a while to get a shot like this...