Nature clicks #157 - Yellow-rumped Warbler

Yellow-rumped Warbler 2  


It was a great weekend for bird photography. I saw six different species of warblers, two here at home and four at the Mississippi River. Not all pictures turned out perfect because warblers move usually very fast and hardly sit still but I had four first sightings and this made me very happy.

I already introduced the Yellow-rumped Warbler in my post Nature clicks #152 here in the blog. As you can see by clicking on the link the photo of my first sighting was less than mediocre. Last weekend I found more of them catching insects along the shore of the big river. They behave almost like a flycatcher and return often to the same perch where they took off. It was windy and the light changed all the time because of fast moving clouds but the quality of the light was just lovely.


Yellow-rumped Warbler 3