Nature clicks #152 - Yellow-rumped Warbler

Yellow-rumped Warbler  

To make it clear, this picture would normally land in the trash can because it is not really sharp and I had to crop it quite a bit to make it halfway decent. I apply an exception to the rule if the animal is a "first sighting". While checking the fox den early in the morning I saw this Yellow-rumped Warbler in the woods behind the house a couple days ago. Whatever I tried, I couldn't get it in focus. The little warbler was flying and jumping around, trying to catch insects. This bird comes through only during migration and I was very happy to see this wonderful looking bird here in the woods. During the winter, that they spent in the southern part of the US southwards into the tropics, they eat particularly wax coated berries of bayberries and wax myrtles. They have unique gastrointestinal traits that allow them to subsist on this unusual food source. (source: iBird Pro app).

While I tried to make a photo of this one I also saw a Ruby-crowned Kinglet, another first sighting, but no image can be presented here because my results were even worse. Well, next time...