Mama comes home

Red fox female 1  


Two nights ago I spent two hours laying on a cold rock behind a fallen tree near the fox den but none of the little pups stuck its nose out. I had the camera on the tripod very low to the ground. It was almost 7pm when suddenly the female approached me in a straight line. Just before she reached the big rock, under which the den is located, she sensed my presence by smell and stopped. When the shutter of the D300s started rattling she came even closer but finally turned around and showed me her wonderful profile. I was at the limits again with my shutter speed. The metering at ISO400 required already 1/60s, which is normally beyond my lens handling capabilities for a sharp shot, but somehow I managed it. I moved out quickly and quietly in order not to disturb the fox more than I already did. What a great moment that made me forget the long waiting time in the cold easily.


Red Fox female 2