Nature clicks #144 - Lesser Yellowleg

Lesser Yellowleg 1  

The Lesser Yellowlegs have their breeding grounds in Northern Canada and Alaska. We have this sandpiper here in Iowa only during migration. Last Sunday I shot pictures from noon until after 6PM. As always the quality of light gets so much better in the late afternoon and early evening and that's why I show you a couple images that were made closer to the end of daylight. They feed on aquatic insects and other invertebrates and they move permanently and probe with their long bill in the water. That means a lot of shots are slightly blurry and end up in the trash can of my Mac. It is all about peak of action, the brief moments between steps or when they lift their heads for a fraction of a second, when you can make the click. Setting the camera to 7 frames per second helps to freeze the right moment. I have a lot more to come from my shooting in the wetlands, so please come back here and check it out.


Lesser Yellowleg 2