Preparing for the next season

Tufted Titmouse  

If you don't live in Eastern Iowa but have checked our local weather on your phone, tablet, or whatever device you may use for this task, you know that this image is not from last weekend. Warm temperatures have brought lots of rain, fog, and most importantly for a photographer, a gray overcast. With other words, I took a break and haven't made a single click this weekend. I used the time to look into future adventures and projects. Today I visited Canoecopia in Madison WI, a canoe, kayak, and outdoor expo. It is presented by rutabaga, a well known paddle sports outfitter. Beside seeing or shopping for every possible product related to this kind of activity you have the opportunity to see all kinds of presentations. I attended two of them and one of course had to do with photography. David Morlock, a photographer from Minnesota, showed some of his images and was talking about "How to make better photos on your paddling trip". All what I can say is, it was time well spent. Shooting from a moving boat is a different story than having the camera on a tripod and it was interesting for me to learn where the challenge might be, if I ever want to come back from a kayak trip with some decent photos.

As much as I like shooting birds in the winter, and especially in a snow storm, I can't wait until we can finally enter the wetlands and backwaters of the Mississippi with our kayaks again. Last year was so dry that it was nearly impossible to use a boat in my favorite location, the Green Island Wetlands. All the rain pouring down on us at the moment gives me hope that this may change... :-)