Inspired by a question

Kissed by the sun  

I follow the blogs of many photographers and the link list on the left side of my blog is only a fraction of all the websites I visit frequently. All of them provide education and inspiration, and most of the time it is just fun to read what other photographers have in mind. One blog I never miss if a new post is released is the one of Moose Peterson. He is certainly the photographer I learned the most from for my wildlife and landscape photography. His writing style is fun to read and he inspires me greatly.

One of his recent posts was titled "Can One Click Tell The Story?" and he answers that question with a great image of the Grand Canyon and a video sequence that makes you understanding his thoughts.

I haven't been able to go out and shoot during the last four days but I still have some unfinished business on my hard drive. The photo above was made last September in Rocky Mountain National Park during a rainy day and a fast moving cloud scenario. I have several shots of this mountain range and they are all ok, but this one, taken at a brief moment when the sun kissed the mountain in the foreground while anything around got really dark, is the image that tells the story of that day and it is the only one I like to show you. No, I haven't asked myself the question "Can One Click Tell The Story?" while I was making the click but I'm sure will in the future. Thanks Moose!