On the ice again

Bryan drilling  

Last weekend was our annual ice fishing event up in Northern Wisconsin. This year we were five guys who tried to outsmart the fish in the lake. We went to Fay Lake again, a lake we have fished many times before. Warm weather made for unusual conditions. The ice was thick enough to be on the lake but nobody drove their car onto the ice this time. Well, we didn't do very well. Only one small Northern Pike made it onto the ice and was released back into the water because of its size. However, the fun we had being outside was once more unbeatable. That we can do better was proven last year, have a look back in time by clicking HERE.

As you can imagine, this was not a photography event but I always take my camera bag with me in hope for some shooting opportunities. Shortly after arrival we usually drill the holes and while I was waiting for my turn some nice side light hit the scene and my friend Bryan. No need to pull out a flash light...


Fay Lake


Later during the afternoon the light became very subtle again and at Fay Lake I always like how it lets stand out the bare trees against the green of the pines. It is never the same and this time the blank ice, which is usually snow covered at this time of the year, made for a totally different mood.