2012 – Looking back, part 9

Paddler Claudia  

I like to continue my series about the 2012 photography opportunities and highlights. July was very special for us. My youngest sister Claudia visited us on her way back to Germany from Sydney, Australia. She worked at the University of Sydney during the last couple of years in chemistry research. We did a lot of different things together with her, paddling in Wisconsin, local sightseeing in Iowa and Illinois along the Mississippi, and even a visit of the world famous spam museum in Austin, Minnesota was on the agenda (Well, I had to take her with me on a business trip to Austin and while I had my meeting she spent time in the museum, the only attraction in this town :-) ). Finally we spent three days in Chicago before she took the plane home to our mom in Bautzen, Germany. The kid moved on and lives and works now in Basel, Switzerland. What a small world... ;-)


The Bean


Landscape and architecture photography can be quite a challenge in the heat of July here in the Midwest and it wasn't any different this time. From harsh light, like at the "bean" in Millennium Park, to killer light on the Trump building at the Chicago River, we had a little bit of everything. Photography wasn't the purpose of the trip to Chicago but I can't  go out without my camera over the shoulder...;-)


Trump Building